Work Flow

My Philosophy

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and medical illustrations are no exception. I do my very best to keep clients in the loop by inviting their input at every stage of development. This helps to ensure the accuracy of the content and avoid time consuming, late-stage revisions.


When a cost estimate and contract have been approved by the artist and client, rough concept sketches are rendered and submitted electronically to the client for review. Two rounds of sketches are commonplace to refine the material.

Reference Material

It is standard for me to request reference material for illustration topics that are not easily researched on my own, such as innovative surgical techniques, patent illustrations or unique devices. I often receive photo and video reference, devices that are small enough to ship or hand-drawn concepts. I also take my own reference photography when beneficial, and I am comfortable working with models to achieve the look desired by the client.


Approved sketches are further developed (with the help of reference material) into illustrations with reviews at key stages. I prefer to submit black and white images until all elements of the illustration have been finalized.

Final Illustrations

Final illustrations are fully rendered when both the layout and content have been approved by the client. I include time for final revisions to color in my estimates, and my digital work flow makes most color changes relatively simple to execute.