Contracts! Hopefully that word doesn’t conjure up negative feelings. I am not a cable company or a fitness center, and I like my clients to feel comfortable knowing that we have a common goal and that we understand how we’ll achieve that goal together.

Should there be an unforeseen event that delays or halts production by the artist or client, it is important to have a contract in place that determines a resolution, be that partial payment to the artist, refund to the client, etc.

Contractual agreements with Thompson Medical Illustration are made to outline the artist’s and client’s professional and financial commitments and can be amended by either party prior to signing. I make note of this because I both provide and receive contracts. Some individuals and organizations prefer to start with their own document, while others may prefer that I provide one for review. I am perfectly comfortable with either scenario, so long as everyone takes the time to read all items carefully and is open to considering requested modifications.

I work with an intellectual property attorney to ensure that my contracts and licensing agreements with clients are concise, fair and follow industry standards.