Thompson Medical Illustration

What is Thompson Medical Illustration?
Thompson Medical Illustration is my personal brand, focusing on artwork for education in health care and allied markets. I am a professional member of the Association of Medical Illustrators and the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators.
Where is your work published?
Reference books, patent applications, professional journal articles, patient education materials, advertisements and device manuals are some of the most common products that benefit from my illustrations. Visit services for a more comprehensive list.
Do you work alone?
I am a sole proprietor, but I work in tandem with my clients to create engaging illustrations. When a project calls for additional input or expertise, I may collaborate with other talented service providers from my professional network.
How do you work with clients?
From concept to completion, clients of Thompson Medical Illustration work with me personally, via phone, email or in face to face consultation. Each stage of work is submitted electronically, allowing my clients to quickly and conveniently submit their feedback.
Do you work remotely?
Yes, most of my clients are out of state. View my client list.
How can we collaborate from a distance?
Good, old fashioned communication with a little boost from technology. I often prefer email, but only in healthy doses. Whether it’s video chat, face to face meetings, shared desktops or phone calls, I tend to choose my methods based on the preferences of all parties involved, the importance of documentation and how to most efficiently communicate the topic at hand.
Do you work traditionally or digitally?
Both. I create early drafts with pencil or pen before moving on to digital versions. I find this work flow saves a great deal of time by allowing an uninhibited burst of creative ideas on paper in the beginning while offering a more flexible and refined end product. My digital artwork makes the most sense to my clientele, as they are likely to commission crisp, black and white versions of my illustrations for print use and color versions for presentations or Web use. Visit work flow for an illustrated explanation.