Molly Thompson

Growing up, art was always my greatest companion, but I fancied myself a scientist, too. When I learned about medical illustration as a career, I was hooked. I looked up the programs, worked hard on my portfolio and applied to the Rochester Institute of Technology. I had a fabulous four years there, dissecting cadavers and drawing the spoils.

After graduation I was offered a position as a staff medical illustrator at The Ohio State University Medical Center. For the next three and a half years I provided hundreds of surgical figures, conference posters, patent illustrations and educational pieces for faculty, staff and students.

In 2008 I moved to Pittsburgh and began my freelance career. Since then I’ve worked diligently to bring my business up to speed, but I’ve come to learn that “up to speed” is just a catch phrase. I want to always be growing, and I prefer a steady stream of new goals to a stagnant status quo. There are too many educational and collaborative opportunities for me not to embrace new challenges.

The last ten years have been a wonderful journey, with more demand and new clients every month. I consider myself very fortunate to do what I love for a living and to work with so many experts in research and health care.