Working Together

Commissioning artwork with Thompson Medical Illustration is a straightforward and efficient experience, and my clients tell me they sincerely appreciate my candid approach.

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The Gallery

Be sure to visit the Gallery to browse dozens of medical illustrations, many of which are available for reuse.

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A Valuable Resource

Thompson Medical Illustration provides complementary artwork for a variety of materials, such as product literature, journal publications, educational texts and web sites.

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Welcome to the Thompson Medical Illustration website. Please visit the gallery to view illustrations by general category, or navigate your way through the pages by topic to learn more about me and how we can work together.

Many of my images are available for licensed usage.

I look forward to receiving your greetings, inquiries and feedback.

-Molly Thompson

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Healthy Weight Loss

This sequential illustration shows active weight loss in stages. Four meals were created for alternate layouts, but to convey the concept in a single image with a tighter design, just the unhealthiest and healthiest are included here. The goal of the piece is to show realistic, achievable weight loss over time, through a gradual increase in exercise and healthier meal choices.

Healthy Weight Loss


Happy Holidays

Here’s wishing everyone safe and happy holidays this season.